Organic Fair Trade Bird Friendly Light Roast Coffee

Our light roast blend features aromas of almond, cashew, and chocolate, with flavors of dark chocolate, bright citrus, and maple syrup. This coffee is from the Peruvian CECANOR farms of Café Femenino, where over 800 women owners share in the cooperative.

The coffee you drink makes a real difference.

By choosing to purchase Smithsonian certified bird-friendly coffee, you are supporting bird conservation and family farmers throughout the Americas.  Organic and Fair Trade, this coffee is grown under a shade canopy of native trees, shrubs, and plants that provide critical refuge for migratory and local birds as well as the rich flora and fauna of the tropical forest. In short, this great tasting coffee rewards in the cup and helps ensure that the birds we all love return every spring.

Be certain, buy certified.

Birds Beans Light Roast 12 OZ Ground Coffee

Your purchase supports the National Audubon Society’s mission and vital conservation work. Visit www.audubon.org to learn more.